shinobi classic sega franchise returns

Sega Bringing Back 5 Classic Franchises After New Announcement

Sega are back with a bang!

Just announced at The Game Awards 2023 are five classic franchises that epitomised Sega at its peak in the 90s.

The games announced will be familiar to any discerning gamer and this resurrection could pave the way for even more iconic Sega games to be reborn and reimagined.

What Are The New Sega Games?

Three games from the glorious Megadrive heyday are coming, these are Shinobi, Streets of Rage and Golden Axe.

For anyone who loved these iconic titles, this will be huge news.

From the Dreamcast era we will be seeing a new Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio and in typical old skool Sega style they have created a brilliantly nostalgic promotional video to highlight this and give us a glimpse of the games in action.

Could we see other iconic Franchises make a comeback?

Sega’s strength has always been with its franchises so we’d love to see a new Virtua Fighter, Daytona USA style game, OutRun, Alex Kidd and Sega Rally among many.

With recent years seeing Streets of Rage 4, Wonderboy and even ToeJam & Earl the sky is the limit with regards to Sega’s eclectic library of greats to resurrect and if successful maybe others who had classics such as EA (Road Rash, The Strike series), Konami (Rocket Knight Adventures) and others following suit, we doubt it will happen but its good to dream!

As to when these classic Sega revivals will be out, we’d hope to see them start arriving in 2024 but at the moment Sega have stated that they are in development at the moment and we’d expect them to come out on Xbox, PS5 and Switch and maybe PC too.

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