Retroheadz started off as an idea down the pub (as all good ideas seemingly do) After many beers and a few too many shots of some sweet blue high octane liquid we had the basis of a new site dedicated to cool old things that we all loved growing up with (or couldn’t let go of)

Fast forward to a year or so later and we all had time to actually start the project, the site went under many different names until we chanced upon Retroheadz.com and the rest is history or should that be the documentation of modern history and all the cool things that have happened, come out or been made.

Retroheadz is by definition a hub for those that love looking back at things that they remember having, wanting, playing or doing all presented in a nice shiny new magazine format.

We have writers covering the iconic things and pop culture of 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and from time to time we’ll cover new stuff that we think will be looked upon fondly in years to come including new things that have a nod to the past and we are always happy to have new writers come on board if you have something cool to write about (send us a message on our contact page)

We may even cover older stuff from time to time but for us and our readers these will be the eras that matter most.

For us its about informing, educating, reminding and entertaining and we hope you stick around for the ride because, well…we have a lot to cover!