Retroheadz launched in 2016 and started off covering mainly 80’s and 90’s nostalgia so that there could provide an entertaining record of what it was like to grow up and live during these popular decades.

Since the Retroheadz redesign in 2019 the site has expanded to cover upcoming movies, TV shows and games, music and pop culture that have a nod to the past but are also worthy of our readers time and money. 

Retroheadz is now more than just a nostalgia site and is expanding to become an entertainment website that caters to what our core audience is interested in be that gaming (retro and current), classic and current TV and series, movies, cars, music and everything in-between.

Retroheadz mission is to entertain and inform across a myriad of subjects and as the site attracts more writers and visitors it will expand this further.

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