fighting force sega saturn prototype

Unreleased Sega Saturn Game ‘Fighting Force’ Surfaces

The Sega Saturn continues to be in vogue thanks to its diverse game library of Shoot ’em ups, Fighting games and arcade conversions.

3D games such Die Hard Arcade are among its top beat ’em up titles which is regarded as one of the most memorable 3D brawler games in the Sega Saturn’s catalogue.

However, there’s an intriguing chapter in the console’s history involving Fighting Force, a game that could have added to the Sega Saturn’s beat ’em up legacy but ultimately didn’t make it to the platform.

Fighting Force and Its Sega Saturn Connection

Fighting Force, a 3D brawler developed by UK-based Core Design, was released for PlayStation, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo 64 on October 15, 1997.

The game’s development initially targeted the Sega Saturn, with the intention of it becoming a next-generation Streets of Rage title.

However, Sega’s decision to go in a different direction led to the project being scrapped for the Saturn, making Fighting Force a notable absentee from the console’s game roster.

This decision left Sega Saturn fans wondering about what could have been, especially since Fighting Force is available on other platforms, the game’s absence from the Saturn highlights the impact of Sega’s strategic choices on its game line-up.

Fighting Force Legacy

Upon its release, the brawler received average reviews suggesting it fell short of its potential. Despite this, the game occupies a special place in the history of Sega Saturn-related developments. It serves as a reminder of the projects that didn’t come to light on the console.

The story of Fighting Force is a slice of video game history that underscores the unpredictable nature of game development and the effects of corporate strategy on creative efforts. For Sega Saturn fans, it represented a interesting “what if” scenario in the console’s storied past, until now that is as there a playable Saturn prototype of Fighting Force has just been released.

Granted, the prototype only has two playable levels but if you are a fan of the genre and the Saturn in general then you might want to give this piece of lost gaming history a try.

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