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Tomb Raider Lara Croft, The Face of 90s Adventure Games is Back

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In a gaming landscape perhaps dominated a little too generously by hand-holding games and streamlined experiences, the return of Classic Lara Croft in faithful remakes of the iconic Tomb Raider series from the 90s marks a significant and nostalgic shift from a somewhat bland modern take on Lara Croft.

The return of the Tomb Raider drives more than just a significant character throwback but also a meaningful return to an era where immersion in challenging level design was a lot less controversial and pioneered some of the greatest level design of its generation.

Tomb Raider: The Digital Queen of the 90s

Debuting in 1996 with the release of the original Tombraider, Lara Croft quickly became a cultural phenomenon, transcending the boundaries of gaming to become a symbol of empowerment and innovation in the industry, becoming one of the legends of retro gaming history.

Lara stood as a defiance of the prevailing norms of female representation in video games. In an era dominated by emotionally muted male protagonists, Lara emerged as a confident, intelligent, athletic adventurer, challenging stereotypes and captivating players with her charisma and endless wit. The visual impact of Lara Croft was profound, alongside Solid Snake, Lara was one of the first human characters to become a pop culture icon outside of the gaming world.

Her polygonal design, despite its humble simplicity by today’s standards was revolutionary at the time.

The iconic dual pistols, braid, and trademark attire became synonymous with adventure gaming, and Lara herself became the poster child of an entire new era in interactive entertainment.

Tomb Raider was a remarkable pioneer in 3D level construction and intricate level design, characterized by perilous but rhythmic grid based platforming sequences, puzzles integrated directly into the level design and a sense of atmospheric isolation in bizarre liminal spaces.

Beyond the games, Lara Croft became a real cultural phenomenon. Her image graced magazine covers, merchandise, and even feature films. Angelina Jolie’s portrayal of Lara in the early 2000s further solidified the character’s status as an international icon.

The 90s saw Lara transcend the boundaries of gaming, inspiring a wave of female protagonists and contributing to the mainstream acceptance of video game culture. Lara’s character was a key player in the marketing and promotion of the original PlayStation console and Lara Croft became a symbol of the platform’s capabilities, helping Sony establish itself as a dominant force in the gaming industry during that decade.

The success of Tomb Raider and Lara’s widespread popularity also influenced the gaming landscape itself. The 90s saw a surge in the popularity of action-adventure games, with developers seeking to capture the magic that Tomb Raider had brought to the industry. Lara Croft wasn’t just a character; she was a cultural icon that left an indelible mark on the 90s and paved the way for the evolution of video games as a mainstream entertainment medium.

Classic Tomb Raider In Glorious HD

The revitalization of the classic titles emphasizes the importance of preserving the way Tomb Raider is embedded into the minds of those who remember conquering the challenging tombs back in the 90s, the unapologetic trials that allowed players to truly immerse themselves in the adventure and walk in Lara’s albeit clunky footsteps remain just the way they should be.

Classic Lara Croft, with her distinctive dual pistols, acrobatic prowess, and cold hearted attitude, is set to grace modern screens, providing both a trip down memory lane for veterans and a chance for a new generation to experience the essence of early Tomb Raider titles and the origins of the once beloved character.

This time with the benefits of a photo mode, option to switch between the newer graphic improvements and retro filter at any moment, all of the DLC and a couple hundred trophies for daredevils to seek.

Dressed to Suppress

The significance of these remakes lies not only in the graphical overhaul or return of Lara’s iconic garments and signature dual pistols, but in their commitment to preserving the challenging and immersive gameplay that made the original Tomb Raider games legendary.

In an era where many games guide players step by step, the return to a more hands-off approach is always a more than welcome departure.

The classic Tomb Raider games were renowned for their intricate level design, complex puzzles, and a sense of isolation that forced players to rely on their wits and exploration skills to navigate the grid based geometry. Remaking these titles in harmony with the original design philosophy allows gamers to once again grapple with the thrill of being the Tomb Raider without the safety net of constant hints from NPCs or intrusive waypoints, using the level design to overcome challenges.

Classic Lara Croft’s return to a game world driven by aesthetics emphasizes the importance of letting players discover and navigate game worlds on their terms by using their own insights and intuition, encouraging a deeper connection between the player and the virtual environment. Navigating perilous landscapes and solving puzzles becomes a personal triumph rather than a scripted sequence, fostering a sense of accomplishment that many may find refreshing.

Conquering Tomb Raider

The original Tomb Raider titles were pioneers in shaping the action-adventure genre, and by preserving their essence, the remakes celebrate the timeless appeal of the well-crafted and memorable challenges they introduced to the gaming world.

For gamers who grew up with Lara’s early exploits, the return to these classic experiences is a chance to relive the magic of a bygone era and offer a unique opportunity to bridge generational gaps in gaming.

Classic Lara Croft’s adventures were a defining part of gaming history and introducing these titles to a new audience allows younger players to appreciate the roots of the Tomb Raider they may be familiar with in her respective modern titles.

This is Lara Croft after all, and she’s the Tomb Raider, and her legacy is the essence of what made these experiences unforgettable.

When is Tomb Raider 1-3 Remastered out?

Tomb Raider Remastered is out on the 14th February 2024 which is also happens to be Valentines day for all you old romantics out there!

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