Yes, you read that right. We’re always on the look out for some talented bods who know how to put pen to (digital) paper and wax lyrical about the good old days i.e. the 80’s, 90’s and increasingly the  00’s too as well as current day stuff that will be of interest to our readers.

Retroheadz is here to basically give readers of all ages a magazine website to visit when they want to go back to their youth, which for most of us were our defining years and remind them of a more carefree and fun time in their lives.

After all everyone needs a break from working hard, paying off the mortgage, crud reality TV and grown up stuff every now and then and this is what Retroheadz is primarily here for and its also to provide a platform for documenting these pivotal years and decades of our lives.

So what kind of articles does want?

Well, anything really but nothing too niche like ‘The cider I drunk in the local park in the 90’s’ as that won’t really work, its too niche.

So, things our readers really like are articles on Retro Games (you know, Sega, Nintendo, Amiga, Arcade Games and so on), Movies, TV, Cars, Tech, Fashions, Crazes, Toys, Music and Nostalgia in general. Have a look around the site basically and get a feel for things.

Generally, the more collective the experience and if relevant, humorous, the better.

Currently everything has a UK twist as, well, we all grew up in the UK. However, we’d love to get perspectives and highlights of culture events and memories from elsewhere too.

Now the important bit. the articles need to be written by you. They can’t be pulled off from anywhere else and facts have to be facts, not made up, although opinion is fine to add to the facts though as we all like perspective.

How long does an article need to be?

Hmm, how long is a piece of string? Nah, only joking!

Games reviews are anywhere from 500-1000 words. List style articles are anywhere up to 2,000 words but are nicely broken down into easy to read segments and essay style perspective and nostalgia pieces can be a 1,000 words plus. If in doubt ask us.

What’s in it for me, huh?!?

Retroheadz is a passion project for us. We do it for fun and the banter that all the writers have. On a more serious note its a place to document these amazing memories and moments for generations to read about later on and understand who we are (deep huh!).

This is about having fun as well, so we don’t really care about deadlines and so on as we’re not breaking news or anything serious like that.

You’ll have your own author page and profile, where you can link to your own blog or site if you have one (as long as its not a rude one) and if you become a regular, well, who knows!

I’m in! What do I do next?

Cool! So first things first, you need to either contact us via our contact form and tell us what you would love to write about and we can go from there.

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