captain barrel neo geo

‘Captain Barrel’ New Neo Geo Platform Game Coming Out

The Neo Geo seems to be the darling of home brew developers at the moment and another game is coming to the arcade console in 2024 with Captain Barrel.

Captain Barrel is a single screen platform adventure game from Neo Byte Force and sees the player take the role of the Captain Barrel who is on a mission to get the gold.

The game looks bright and colourful and full of cute characters and bosses accompanied to a rocking and swashbuckling pirate rock soundtrack. It kind of reminds us a little of Puzzle Bobble and Nightmare in the Dark with its gameplay style too.

Size wise it clocks in at respectable 117 Megabits and will be in the original 4:3 screen format.

Is Captain Barrel Coming out on any other platforms?

Not only is the game coming out on both the AES and MVS Neo Geo it will also be coming to Dreamcast, PSP and we presume a ROM version for Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro owners too.

With this and titles like Gladmort coming out, the Neo Geo seems to be edging its way from just being a beat ’em up platform to one that is getting more varied by the year.

We say bring it on!

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