anicorn sega megadrive genesis watch

Always Wanted a Mega Drive Watch? Well Now’s Your Chance

Sega have partnered up with watchmaker Anicorn Watches by releasing a range of watches that any discerning Sega fan would proudly sport on their wrists.

The new watches come in three styles all based off the model 1 Mega Drive and Genesis and look the business and they should do for $800 a piece.

However for those with the means and the passion for Sega’s 16-Bit console and timepieces in general then this could be the ultimate expression and daily reminder to load up a classic on the console and have a play.

For those wanting to get all three versions which would in theory set you back $2,400 you may have an issue as the Genesis version of the watch is only available in the US and the European and Jap versions in return are not available in the US.

You do get a really pretty, minimalistic box as well so maximum points for presentation and the attention to detail is right up there too with a logo embossed leather watch strap as well, however for $800 a piece it really will be for those who absolutely have to have one but if you are that person then we think this is a must have for the truly hardcore Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.

Here’s their shiny reveal of the watches.

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