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Ghost ‘N Goblins Style Game ‘Gladmort’ Coming to Neo Geo

A brand spanking new Neo Geo game is on its way by the looks of things.

Gladmort is a new game that has recently smashed its Kickstarter campaign goals and is in the final stages of development.

The game has been developed by Chipsonsteroids and will be published by PixelHeart and is heavily influenced by classics such as Ghost ‘N Goblins and the early Neo Geo release Magician Lord.

There is tons of humour too and you can clearly see the influence of Metal Slug in this too. Here’s a preview of the upcoming gamre in all its pixellated glory.

Gladmort will also be as difficult to master and complete just like Ghost N’ Goblins and just like that Capcom classic you play as a knight who can only take two hits before losing a life.

Where Else Can You Play Gladmort?

Alongside the Neo Geo AES release, Gladmort will also be coming in physical form to the Dreamcast as well as being available digitally on Steam for PC.

Their Kickstarter also mentions the possibility of coming to PS4/5, XBOX and Nintendo Switch in the future too.

So if you’re Neo Geo or Dreamcast gaming sessions have been getting a little stale lately you can look forward to a new challenge soon.

When is Gladmort Coming Out?

As to a release date we’re not sure yet, the developers have stated that the game is pretty much complete and the Kickstarter is there to ensure a physical release so perhaps later on in 2024 and 2025 at the very latest is our prediction.

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