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10 Insanely Weird Games You Can Play Right Now

In a world where mainstream gaming often follows predictable patterns and familiar formulas, there exists a parallel dimension of interactive entertainment that defies the conventional.

Every now and then, we are blessed with something utterly weird, sometimes extraordinarily profound and sometimes utterly mind-boggling, each one an eccentric playground where the bizarre takes centre stage and unconventional rules and the absurd prevail over the ordinary.

Below is a handful of esoteric gems and extremely weird games that will blow your mind!

Meat Madness (2022)

meatworld game

Meat Madness is a game prefaced by a gigantic meat hole in a world made entirely of meat, and you have to jump right down into it for science of course!

And well, to find the research team and what’s left of them.

It’s utterly bizarre and only lasts about 5-10 minutes depending on your dexterity, or maybe the allure of the giant meat hole will ensnare you for eternity, either way, its bonkers.

BABBDI (2022)

Welcome to BABBDI, a lifeless husk of an abandoned civilization on the outer ring of a megalopolis that surely can’t be any less deserted or strange than the liminal nightmare that’s going to be your playground for the majority of this experience, although this one is surprisingly lived-in for a dystopia that would otherwise suggest devoid of all life, avoid like the bubonic plague.

The entire world is an invite to leave as soon as you start as you navigate a world full of people with expressionless and distorted faces, and yet the allure of its liminal spaces carves quite a cathartic experience for those who are familiar with the backrooms.

If you’ve ever wanted to experience what can only be described as a tarnished and rotting nostalgia warped by amnesia, then the remains of this colourless, desolate world of broken glass, rusted metal is definitely worth a try for the atmosphere, it’s a gem of bleakness, in a good and weird way.

LSD Dream Emulator (1998)

All to say is about this weird game is pretty much within the name with this one.

It’s an extremely obscure Japanese game that ended up becoming a cult-classic and it’s definitely on the psychedelic side to say the least.

What makes this one so utterly bonkers is that you really just can’t predict where it’s going to take you, the dreamscapes are absurdly surreal, some are uncanny, some are eerie and all of them will have you questioning what you’re even doing as you walk into walls and enter different dimensions and realities.

Without an emulator, this one is difficult to play however there is a free remastered version of the game available on PC, called LSD: Revamped.

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