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10 Best Female Fronted Indie Bands of the 90s

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Unless you’re a pop princess it can be hard to get recognition as a female artist in the music industry.

There are countless bands, solo artists and DJ’s who are often remembered more as footnotes in their scenes despite being far better than their male counterparts.

The ’90s were no different and whilst Britpop reigned there were a number of great women pushing the sound, many of whom should have had far more success than they achieved.

Now we must admit we aren’t big fans of referring to them as female fronted indie bands, but it works for the purposes of this list.

Frankly, all of these groups deserve to be recognised in their own right as simply great bands.

Moving on, we thought we would take a look at ten of the best Female fronted Indie bands of the ’90s.


Kicking off the list we have Echobelly.

The band were formed in 1994 and gained reasonable chart success with their singles King of the Kerb, Dark Therapy and Great Things.

They were fronted by Sonya Madan who was born in Delhi, India.

It was unusual to see an Indian woman fronting an Indie band at the time and she had a great voice which made them unique.

They are still releasing music today with their latest release “Anarchy and Alchemy” coming out in 2017.

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