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10 Classic UK Hardcore Anthems From The 2000’s

Welcome to Retroheadz second noughties hardcore selection.

For this instalment the main focus will be on the sing-along hands in the air moments from a real golden age for the music.

An era where the raves were packed to the rafters, Slammin’ Vinyl ruled the roost and we even saw the re-emergence of the legendary Hardcore Heaven brand. 

From The Sanctuary Milton Keynes, to Bagleys and SEOne of London, right up to the Q Club Birmingham, the madness of Fantasy Island Skegness and everywhere in-between, these are the anthems that rocked dancefloors across the length and breadth of the UK. 

So if you’ve got the energy and you’re up for stomping, whistle’s, horns and screamers, here we go…

DJ Error – Died Oh R.I.P

No hardcore countdown would be complete without a chart rip, and as far as chart rips go this one is as tough as they come.

released on white label in 2004 and still sounding fresh to this day, DJ Error really struck gold with this slice of hardcore history. 

Dougal & Gammer – Rainfall

A staple inclusion in many Dougal sets during the early 00’s, you would have heard this bellowing out of the Sanctuary Music Complex and seen a sea of hands in the air as the vocal gripped the audience and caused mass euphoria, a pure dancefloor classic. 

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