90's piano rave anthems

The MC’s Who Ruled The Raves in the 90s

These days MC’s are headline acts in their own right but back in the ’90s they were finding their way as hosts of the raves.

Whether it was Hardcore, Jungle, Drum & Bass, or Gabber each scene had its own masters of the mic.

Whilst it may all be about lyrical content and how fast you can say dibby dibby at the moment there is one skill that was honed in those early days that still remains today.

The ability to hype up the crowd.

With this in mind join us on a trip back to the warehouses and raves as we take a look at the best MC’s of the ’90s.


Let’s kick things off with one of the finest MC’s to ever grace the Drum & Bass arena, MC Conrad.

Conrad is best known for his work alongside intelligent Drum & Bass producer LTJ Bukem and his MC style complimented these sounds perfectly.

He brought precision and depth to MCing that had previously been missing as he chose to host with an almost Jazz like approach.

As with most of the MC’s on our list, he’s still going strong today.



Whizzkid has been a mainstay of the Hardcore scene since the mid to late ’90s.

His no-nonsense approach has earned him many awards over the years and his ability to control a crowd is among the best in the business.

His partnership with DJ Gammer has since gone on to spawn a number of Hardcore hits.

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