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10 Best Female Fronted Indie Bands of the 90s

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Saint Etienne

Now Saint Etienne may not be a strictly Indie Band as they crossover with dance music but their fan base is much the same and they were very much Indie in their approach.

They are quite rightly recognized as one of the most talented and underrated British groups of all time.

They fused the early 90’s rave influence with the classic pop of the 1960s to create stunning melody-driven tunes that were totally original.

Lead Singer Sarah Cracknell has a stunning voice and a stage presence that captivates audiences.

Their singles “He’s on the Phone”, “Sylvie”, “You’re in a Bad Way” and “Only Love Can Break Your Heart” were all big hits.

They also had a big hit under the name Cola Boy with “7 Ways to Love”.

Saint Etienne are still a big group and released their latest album “Home Counties” in 2017.

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