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10 Best Female Fronted Indie Bands of the 90s

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Catatonia were huge in the mid to late ‘90s, they had hit after hit and seemed unstoppable.

Lead Singer Cerys Matthews was a true rock star with a reputation Motley Crue would be proud of.

Hailing from Cardiff, Wales they took the Britpop scene by storm thanks in no small part to Cerys’s unique voice.

They had big hits with “Mulder and Scully”, “Road Rage” and “Dead From the Waist Down” and their albums “International Velvet” and “Equally Cursed and Blessed” both went to number 1 in the UK.

Such was their popularity that Cerys also collaborated with Space on “The Ballad of Tom Jones” before performing a duet with Tom Jones himself on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

They parted ways in 2001 with Cerys going on to release several solo albums before becoming a presenter on BBC 6 music.

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