The Piano Rave Anthems of the 90s That Still Evoke Euphoria

The Piano, an awesome instrument that has the power to evoke extreme euphoria in the right hands…literally!

In the early 90s all you needed was a synth (such as the epic Korg M1), a drum machine (The Roland TR-909 was the machine to use) and maybe an uplifting lyric or two and you had a potential rave hit on your hands.

From Warehouses to Walkmans

Whether you were mashed in a field or warehouse somewhere or a bedroom raver sitting at the back of a school bus sharing headphones from your Walkman with your mates or cruising in your car with a cut up parcel shelf full of 6×9’s and a boot full of bass bins these tunes were awesome!

Back to the 90’s

If you were in that 12-24 sweet spot between ’90-’93 then this will be a treat for you.

Take a look back with Retroheadz at the top early 90’s piano rave anthems that even today make you want to say, stuff it, get up, raise your hands in the air and go on a mission to rave land once again.

If you were a 90’s kid/teenager/adult the likelihood of doing that again might be a bit hard to do, however we can take a break from our current lives and go back one more time.

Overground, Underground

These are not all underground tracks, these were the tracks that were charting as well as smashing it at raves and clubs up and down the land, legal or otherwise.

These tracks invigorated and energised a generation…the rave generation!

Get ready for euphoria! Let’s keep this vibe alive!

Utah Saints – Something Good

‘What Can You Do For Me’ was an amazing song with its Eurythmics lyrics on loop, so how did Utah Saints beat it, well they took Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting song from 1985 and sampled and raved it up good and proper.

The summer of ’92 was made even better with this song blasting out of cars, clubs and bedroom windows across the land.

It had a decent remix back in 2008 as well and a fun music video although its nowhere near as good as the original but it did have a brilliant music video.

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