Trance Masters – The Anthems From 1998

The late 90’s club scene was dominated by Trance and by the turn of the century it would be dominating the charts as well.

The euphoric sounds which were largely coming out of Germany and Holland had taken over the world’s clubbing capital Ibiza.

Massive Synths

The mix of massive synths and sunshine created a feeling that hadn’t been felt since the second summer of love in 1988.

If you were a clubber back then you will have heard all of these tunes, either on the radio, in the club or at home where you probably played them through your TV so you had the trippy visuals from your PlayStation.

We’ve tried to be as inclusive as possible so expect underground hits as well as tunes that stormed the charts.

So let us take you back as we look at twenty of the biggest Trance tunes of 1998.

Get ready for some epic nostalgia. Let’s start with…

Art of Trance – Madagasga (Cygnus X Remix)

We’ll kick off with one of the biggest Trance tunes of all time.

This one is instantly recognisable and still rocks dancefloors to this day.

The Cygnus X Remix elevated this tune from great to legendary.

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