crusaders of rave 2

Crusaders of Rave 2 Compilation Showcases Euro-Rave Talent

Rave Muzik, the label that blends the old rave sounds of the 90’s with the sounds of now is back with it’s second compilation showcasing the pan-European talents of the rising stars of Rave music.

Crusaders of Rave 2

Crusaders of Rave 2 features 9 tracks of Hardcore, Techno, Hard Trance and Bouncy Techno from artists such as Stormtrooper, Project XTC and Micropulse among many.

It’s a rare thing to see Rave music compilation albums which is a shame as it showcases the artists latest efforts in revitalising the global Rave scene.

If you’re looking for something fresh to listen to and love all types of Rave music then this will be worth grabbing which you can do on Bandcamp and Beatport where it is available right now.

If you are more of a streamer rather than a buyer then Crusaders of Rave 2 is also on Spotify right now as well.

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