Perfect 10: The Awesome Female Fronted Indie Bands Of The 90’s

These women rocked the 90's


Elastica formed when two members of Suede left to do their own thing 1992. Those members were Vocalist and Guitarist Justine Frischmann and drummer Justin Welch. Elastica took influences from the Punk and New Wave scene to create hard-hitting and melodic Indie music that charted well.

Their self-titled debut album went to number 1 in the UK and they had 3 top 20 singles with “Line Up”, “Waking Up” and the massive “Connection”, a tune that is instantly recognizable to this day. They split up in 2001 due to dwindling sales and a decline in the Indie Scene. It’s also worth noting that, like a few of the bands on this list they weren’t just female fronted, in fact, Drummer Justin Welch was the only male member.

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