The 20 Ultimate Happy Hardcore Tracks of 1997 We All Used to Rave To

Whistle Crew blow, Horn Crew blow. Put your hands up in the air!

happy hardcore rave

1997 was one hell of a year for Happy Hardcore. The genre really was at the top of its game and events were selling out up and down the country as well as in Europe. This year saw the release of some of the genre’s biggest anthems as it continue the trend of uplifting vocal tracks, moving away from the breakbeat infused sounds of the previous years. This was also a time when the Trancecore and Freeform sounds were emerging, bringing forth a stronger identity and a new energy to the scene.

So here we go, put on your white gloves as we count down the 20 greatest tracks of 1997.

Sy & Demo – Devotion

What do you get when a true Hardcore Legend joins forces with one of the finest and frankly most underrated producers the scene has ever witnessed? An absolute anthem that’s what. Everyone knows the lyrics to this one surely.

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