king of the consoles

The Huge Choice of Games Consoles Everyone Had In 1994


nec pcfx

The successor to the PC Engine came out in 1994 and looked remarkably like a PC Tower.

Given the success of the PC Engine over the years you’d have thought it would do well. Well, you’re wrong if you did. I remember one game from it called Tatsujin which looked ok.

Sega Saturn

sega saturn

Sega’s long awaited 32 Bit next generation entry was expected to the be the winner of the next gen upon release in 1994 (in Japan) if you wanted to get one on import it was around £700 without a game but many people did this.

The Saturn was an awesome 2D powerhouse of a console and its 2D games are amazing even today such as Guardian Heroes and In The Hunt being two awesome examples of the power that the Saturn had.

Sony Playstation

sony playstation

Well, what can you say about the Playstation.

Sony first venture into home consoles changed gaming forever.

I remember being lucky enough to know someone who had one on import and being amazed at playing Ridge Racer at home in 1994 and that sold me on the power and potential of this machine.

It also went on to be the outright winner of its generation with too many games to mention that are absolute classics.

Its clear to say that having this many consoles to choose from wasn’t all good, something had to give and if you ended up backing the wrong machine you were left in the tyre smoke of the winners racing ahead with all the good games.

How many of these consoles did you own back then (or do now) and which was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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