king of the consoles

The Huge Choice of Games Consoles Everyone Had In 1994

Phillips CDi

phillips cdi

The Phillips CDi was a multimedia machine that also played games and they weren’t that great to be honest except for the 7th Guest, Pebble Beach Golf and a few others.

It was also expensive so again not many people had one. It’s also home to the worst Zelda games ever.

Amiga CD32

amiga cd32

The Amiga CD32 was pretty much an Amiga 1200 in a console form.

The CD32 was marketed as a Mega CD beater (not hard to be fair) and is a pretty ugly machine although the controller looked OK. You were better off just getting an Amiga 1200.

Pioneer Laseractive

pioneer laseractive

If you were rich and loved movies then you may have had a Laserdisc player.

If you had the Laseractive then you could play games on the shiny 12 inch golden discs too, if you also got the PC Engine and Mega CD bolt-on packs then you were looking at silly money to own one of these but then again you were probably too loaded to care.

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