king of the consoles

The Huge Choice of Games Consoles Everyone Had In 1994

1994…What a year to be a gamer!

There were so many consoles available, maybe too many, all vying for our attention and when they got it, our incredible pester power that we all tried our very best to bestow on our parents and relatives came to the fore to buy us the latest machine of choice for our birthday’s and Christmas.

Some of these consoles you may have heard of and some you probably haven’t but they were all out and available in 1994 either officially or available on import from those small specialist ads in the back of the games magazines of the day and each had its own games and unique capabilities.

Most of these machines carried on until 1996 until things settled down to a three console race in the 32/64 bit generation which is roughly how its been ever since.

However this was the busiest year by far which we doubt we’ll ever see again.

Thankfully for retrogamers and collectors out there, you are now spoiled for choice thanks in part to this crazy time in gaming history.

So, without further ado, it’s time to start running and to kick it off we’ll start with the legacy systems that still had games coming out at the time…

Sega Master System

sega master system

Sega’s 8-Bit challenger to the might NES was still going and although massively on the decline as owners upgraded to the Megadrive was still churning out games in Europe and Brazil and it came with Alex Kidd built-in too.

Nintendo Entertainment System


Nintendo’s all conquering 8-Bit NES was still releasing games back in 1994, however they were getting rarer to see over this side of the Atlantic as it wasn’t as popular as the home computers or the Master System of the same era.

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