king of the consoles

The Huge Choice of Games Consoles Everyone Had In 1994

Sega Mega CD

sega mega cd

The add on for the Megadrive/Genesis came out in 1993 and retailed at £269.99 so not many people got one, however for those that did there were still games coming out for it.

Sega Multi-Mega/CDX

sega multi mega

The all in one ‘portable’ Megadrive/Mega CD/CD Player combo was out and vying for your cash, well probably your parents. Great for those that lived in a shoebox for sure but it still didn’t fit in your pocket.

Atari Jaguar

atari jaguar

Released in 1993 the Jaguar was Atari’s final attempt at doing a console and bringing back the glory days of the Atari 2600 (at least in sales anyway). It had a few good games (Aliens Vs Predator comes to mind) and a load of rubbish ones too. It also had a CD add released for it that had a canny resemblance to a toilet.

Panasonic 3DO

panasonic 3do

The 3DO blew people away when it first came out, not for the graphics (which were nice) but for the price, it was around £700 when it launched which basically meant not many people brought one.

It did have some decent games though; Need for Speed came out on the 3DO first and it also had an amazing version of Road Rash among other games.

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