10 Classic After Club Mind Melters That Will Blow Your Mind!

Twisting my melon man!


You know when you’ve been out clubbing for three days solid, you’ve fallen into the repeating pattern of: pub, club, after-party, pub, club, after-party, pub, club, e.t.c, and then somewhere around when the walls start to melt you hear that utterly ludicrous tune, completely at odds with all the other tracks around it but really, really catchy, and then you can’t quite remember it when you’re trying to tell your mate about it the next day? Ever had that?  Yeah, us too. Maybe it was one of these…

Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco

This little gem came on the scene in the early ’90’s, hot on the heels of Acid House. I feel it’s safe to say that the makers were no stranger to the blotter, microdot or mushroom, and quite possibly all three at once.

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