happy hardcore 90s

Ten Of The Best Loved Up Happy Hardcore Tracks Of The ’90s

Romance is in the air and you need a soundtrack to serenade your new love but there’s a problem, you love Happy Hardcore.

So, what do you do?

You reach for some of the greatest love songs that the rave scene ever produced of course and where better to find them than the Hardcore scene.

So fill your heart with love and recline as we bring you ten of the best loved up Happy Hardcore tracks of the ’90s.

Hixxy & Bananaman – Forever (Evolve Remix)


Forever together baby me and you.

What better place to start than this stone-cold classic?

An ultimate declaration of love with some classic Happy Hardcore vibes.

This was a remix of Ultimate Seduction – Together Forever which stormed the Eurodance charts back in the day.

4 Tune Fairytales – Take Me 2 Wonderland

The Dutch do Happy Hardcore in a special way and 4 Tune Fairytales released many classics.

Take Me 2 Wonderland evokes all the emotions of those first loves and the special feelings that came with them.

It’s a full-on cheese-fest but it fills dancefloors and has everyone singing.

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