90's piano rave anthems

The MC’s Who Ruled The Raves in the 90s


Female MCs are sadly few and far between even now and that was especially true in the ’90s.

Thankfully though we did have MC Chickaboo who rocked parties like Fantazia, Dreamscape, and Jungle Fever.

Chickaboo later moved into the burgeoning Breakbeat scene working with Rennie Pilgrem and B.L.I.M as well as Timo Maas.



Sharkey is a legend, that much is indisputable.

He rose to prominence in the early days of Happy Hardcore thanks to his ridiculous energy and passion for the scene.

His MCing was always great fun and he was never shy to just enjoy the party.

Something you may not have believed when he first emerged is that he would also become a talented DJ and Producer who would change the scene forever.

His forward thinking led to the emergence of the Freeform scene and he ran Nu Energy Records with Kevin Energy.

Skibadee & Shabba D

Ok so we’ve cheated a bit here but Skibba and Shabba were a force to be reckoned with when they were together and many would argue they were always best as a package.

Skibba & Shabba are both true legends of the Drum & Bass scene and are often credited with pioneering the modern MC style.

They burst on to the scene with fast lyrics that were as much a performance as they were hosting.

Each has gone on to headline events all over the world on their own and together as part of SASASAS.

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