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Ten Awesome Hardcore Tracks From 2000 That Still Raise The Roof

It’s safe to say that the Millenium wasn’t kind to Hardcore.

Something in the nation’s psyche changed and Hardcore was pretty much left for dead.

Whilst 1999 had seen a change in sound it hadn’t been enough to keep Hardcore on top.

Whether it was the rise of UK Garage and Hard House that was killing it is unclear but the dancefloors were a lot less peace, Love and Unity and far more bravado and aggression.

The producers themselves didn’t help themselves either and there really wasn’t much worth buying that year.

Despite this fall from grace Hardcore will never die and these next tunes were welcome at such a hard time.

So put on a smile and join us for ten classic Hardcore tunes from 2000.

Hixxy – Warehouse

Hixxy is, of course, a mainstay of the hardcore scene and he brought in the new Millenium with this epic trance based hardcore monster.

Its high energy approach, floaty synths, and massive Trance builds would go on to be a template for his soon to be created Raver Baby label that would change Hardcore forever.

Sy & Unknown – Are You Afraid?

Two more hardcore legends in the shape of Sy & Unknown were experimenting with a very different sound in 2000.

Are you Afraid? is a bouncy Hard House inspired track with a wobbly bass and a whole load of samples from the movie The Lost Boys.

It featured on all the big mixes at the time and is a real nostalgia trip now.

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