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6 Epic Movies All Ravers HAVE to Watch

The 90’s through to the 00’s were some of the best times to be alive if you were a raver or a clubber.

We all lived for the weekend whether it was going to a house party, hitting the clubs or going berserk at a huge warehouse rave or in a random field or ‘avin it laaaarge in Ibiza.

It didn’t matter as long as the music was awesome and the vibes were good.

Raver Movies

Luckily we’ve had some amazing movies that have come out over the years all the way to today that captured these coming of age moments perfectly.

Take a look and get reminded of the classics that you should definitely watch every now and again recapture your youth just one more time.

Human Traffic (1999)

I said Nice One Bruvva, Niiiiiice One! 

Human Traffic could be a true life documentary on what it was like to be a typical teenage party animal who lives for the weekend in the late 90’s.

It’s hilarious and there are so many moments and scenes where you think ‘yep, I’ve done that’ like going to the record shops and brocking out to mashed up multiple tangent conversations at house parties with random people who you can instantly relate to.

Human Traffic is epic in every way and we can’t wait for Human Traffic 2 to come out.

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