90's piano rave anthems

The MC’s Who Ruled The Raves in the 90s

Everson Allen

As part of the legendary rave act Ratpack, Everson Allen has been whipping crowds into a frenzy from the very start.

His unique vocal style always gets the crowds singing along to his trademark lyrics.

A true innovator of the early ’90s scene that maintained his status throughout the 90’s and beyond.


GQ was one of the original Jungle MC’s who turned hosting into a craft.

He became a legend hosting nights like A.W.O.L and World Dance and his style was instantly copied by a whole host of new MC’s

In 1999 he even began his own record label Emcee Recordings which is still one of the leading Drum & Bass labels today.

MC Storm

Why oh why can’t you just accept it?

MC Storm is probably the most successful of all the Hardcore MC’s.

Whether it’s his legendary sets with DJ Sy or his more recent works with Hixxy or Darren Styles he’s been at the forefront of the scene for a long time.

His catchphrase lyrics and vocal scratching set him apart back in the day and crowds lapped it up.

Teaming up with DJ Sy sent him to the top as they would have scratch battles during their sets that sent people wild.

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