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The Coolest Retro Top Down Racing & Isometric Driving Games to Play Today

Back in the 80’s and 90’s the technological constraints at the time meant that driving and racing games were hard to convey properly on home systems without losing the fun factor.

Luckily that meant we got some awesome top down and isometric racing games instead that were tons of fun to play and play we did.

With this in mind let’s look back at some of the coolest top down racing games including Isometric ones that we all played as kids and are still great fun to play today.

Do you remember all of these?

Super Cars 2 – Amiga

Super Cars 2 is great fun to play still.

There’s tons of options for tweaking your car and you got weapons too.

It also had a brilliant soundtrack that kept pace nicely with the twisting and fun courses you got to hurtle around.

Extra mention must go to the loading screen which featured a fantastic pixel version of the Alfa Romeo SZ.

Super Off-Road Racer – Various

Super Off Road Racer got pretty hectic with its tiny courses full of bumps and jumps and hazards like sand which slowed you down and oil which made you lose control especially when you hit the Nitros which you just brought as an upgrade.

Super Off Racer was a huge hit in the arcades so made it on to a lot of systems from the Commodore 64 through to the Mega Drive and SNES.

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