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The Coolest Retro Top Down Racing & Isometric Driving Games to Play Today

Grand Theft Auto – PC

Hang on GTA isn’t a top down racer.

Well, erm, no it’s not but you did get to hoon around and cause chaos on the streets of Liberty City and you did have to do races from time to time.

When not on mission who didn’t spend hours zipping around the city trying not to avoid pedestrians in your Zaibatsu and was probably one of the last true top down driving games to come out that you played last.

That is unless you know about our last game…

Rush Rush Rally Racing – Dreamcast

Long after the Dreamcast was consigned to the scrapheap, a team of Dutch developers released one of the best top down racing games that you’ve probably never heard of, let alone played.

Rush Rush Rally Racing came out in 2009 and played like similarly to Supercars 2 on the Amiga and included tons of sprite scaling like you would have seen on Thrash Rally and then some.

The handling is amazing and sets it apart from all other games in this genre and you could drift your car round corners leaving tyre tracks on the road.

It also had loads of neat touches like when you went in a tunnel your headlights came on and also had four player split screen racing meaning you and your mates could all have a blast.

The soundtrack was awesome too featuring loads of oldskool Piano rave music as were the tracks with bridges, chicanes and tunnels galore to navigate throughout.

Feeling Nostalgic?

No doubt we’ve missed some of your favourites on this round up of classic top down racing and Isometric racing games.

If so what was it and which of these top down racing games do you remember playing the most? Share your memories of these classic games below.

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