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The Coolest Retro Top Down Racing & Isometric Driving Games to Play Today

Power Drive – Various

Power Drive came out in 1994 on the Amiga, Mega Drive, SNES and even made it on to the ill fated Atari Jaguar.

It was an isometric racer where you rallied around tracks and picked up time bonuses and cash to spend on your car to improve its handling and speed.

It looked pretty decent at the time and lots of people brought it as it went for a more realistic vibe.

Is it still fun to play, it’s not too bad but nothing compared to…?

Rock and Roll Racing – SNES

What’s better than hurtling around a galaxy of isometric tracks in customized cars that you can upgrade and weaponize? How about adding on a load of chiptune versions of classic Rock songs to accompany it?

That’s exactly what Rock and Roll Racing did and luckily it was really good fun to boot.

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