top down racing game super off road

The Coolest Retro Top Down Racing & Isometric Driving Games to Play Today

Biker Mice from Mars – SNES

Biker Mice from Mars was a hugely popular cartoon in the early 90’s and luckily the game was pretty awesome too.

It played similarly to Rock and Roll Racing but instead of cars you had bikes to zip around the tracks on which all looked bright and colorful on the SNES.

Over Top – Neo Geo CD

overtop neo geo

Over Top came out on the Neo Geo MVS and the Neo Geo CD and was an isometric racing game that had stunning visuals throughout.

It played just like the Kameco arcade classic Mille Miglia 1000 Rally in the arcades and featured a Lamborghini Diablo among the choice of cars.

It was damned hard to master but was really good fun to play.

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