snes mode 7

The Super Nintendo Games That Used Mode 7 To The Maximum

Super Mario Kart (1992)

super mario kart

Pioneered the use of Mode 7 for its iconic, winding tracks, giving a true sense of speed and competition in a 3D-esque environment.

Axelay (1992)

axelay snes

A shoot ’em up from Konami that cleverly used Mode 7 in its vertical levels and giant scaling bosses to give depth to its action. This took Schmups to another level and again is fondly remembered although there are better shooters out there from the era such as U.N. Squadron which only utilised Mode 7 in its intro, the Submarine boss and the end of level celebrations.

Super Star Wars (1992)

super star wars mode 7

Super Star Wars whilst savagely difficult looked fantastic thanks to it stunning Mode 7 sections where players got to fly around in land speeders and X-Wings as they progressed through the game.

Super Star Wars followed the 1977 movies plot as closely as possible. Further sequels upped the ante in Super Empire Strikes Back and Super Return of the Jedi, however this one was the first and had the biggest impact on gamers back in the day.

Blazing Skies (1992)

blazing skies snes air fight

A less-remembered game set in WW1 where the player pilots a bi-plane from the era and engages in dogfights and bombing runs. It wasn’t the best game and felt unfair in places, especially when you had maxed out your pilots stats but for pure Mode 7 trickery its impressive to see.

Batman Returns (1993)

batman returns mega cd

Whilst the side scrolling beat ’em up action is sublime in this game alongside its epic orchestral soundtrack, its the driving sections taking down the Penguins punks that heavily featured Mode 7 that was a standout at the time, something that the rival Mega Drive simply could not do unless you forked out on the Mega/Sega CD version.

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