snes mode 7

The Super Nintendo Games That Used Mode 7 To The Maximum

Super Metroid (1994)

super metroid snes

Samus Arun’s epic 16-Bit adventure is regarded as a classic and rightly so, its that good. the game had tons of Mode 7 moments from the intro and cutscenes to bosses that would fly through the screen to attack.

Secret of Mana (1994)

secret of mana snes classic

An RPG that used Mode 7 to bring a vast, traversable world to life, especially during flight sequences which were a pivotal part of the games story and experience.

Super Turrican 2 (1995)

super turrican 2 mode 7

Celebrated for its intense run and gun action, Super Turrican 2 carried on the tradition that has been a fan favourite on the C64 and Amiga and ramped it up with huge Mode 7 bosses and trippy tunnel flying sections. It was another late in the life game for the SNES that pushed the creative needle to the maximum.

Chrono Trigger (1995)

chrono trigger snes mode 7 ending

Another fantastic RPG from Squaresoft that came out very late in the SNES’s life. It featured Mode 7 in its time-traveling visuals, which were key to its narrative and immersive experience as well as side scrolling driving scenes.

Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island (1995)

smw2 yoshis island

The original Mario World had Mode 7 in it but not to the level that Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island did. Combined with the Super FX 2 chip, Mode 7 was put to creative use in the boss battles and throughout the game pushing the ageing SNES to do things that put it on par with next-gen systems like the Saturn.

However due to its late release it was missed by many gamers who had moved on to the PlayStation and Saturn, however those that stuck around it was the perfect swansong for the 16-Bit era and Mode 7 in all its glory.

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