starfox running at 60fps

Ever Wondered What Starfox Would Look Like at 60fps? Check This Out

Starfox, the classic 3D on rails shoot ’em up that wowed gamers back in 1993 with it’s Super FX powered polygons helping the SNES do things that it wasn’t designed for.

It blew everyone away and is a bonified classic and is crying out for a new Starfox game on the Switch (pretty please Nintendo!)

Back in the day Starfox (or Starwing as it was also known as in places like the UK) blew gamers and games magazines away with its varied levels, stunning gameplay and for its time fast paced action and its great fun to play still nearly 30 years after it’s release.

One thing that it did suffer from is slowdown, the Super FX chip was powerful for its time and playing it today does show this up unfortunately.

Starfox at 60fps

The question is, what would Starfox on the SNES look like if it didn’t have any slowdown and running at 60fps?

Well now you can see for yourself!

A video on Youtube shows what it looks like with enhancement help from AI and it looks more vibrant, smoother, more animated and of course it runs super fast!

This version of Starfox looks out of this world and shows what Starfox could look running at full speed. It’s a ‘what if’ that you can see in action and while you can’t play it like this for real at least you can finally have the answer to this question.

We highly recommend watching this full play through video in full screen mode and get ready to have your mind blown by how utterly stunning Starfox at 60fps looks.

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