Mega R-Type

Iconic 80’s Shmup R-Type Coming To Sega Megadrive

R-Type was released in the arcades in 1987 by Japanese gaming powerhouse Irem and is considered an iconic and fondly remembered game that saw its release on home machines such as the PC Engine, SNES and even the Sega Master System.

Mega R-Type

One console that was home to more Shmups than its peers was the Megadrive/Genesis so it may come as a bit of a surprise that R-Type never got a release in the consoles heyday.

Well that is until right now!

Yep, the Megadrive has yet another new title to add to its resurgent splendor and you guessed it it’s R-Type or as its more fittingly called, Mega R-Type.

The Bydo alien blasting, ‘Force’ Pod wielding, Arrowhead piloted shoot ’em up famed for its unrelenting space based action is finally coming to the Megadrive and it looks a blast.

Developed on the Sega Game Development Kit (SGDK) an open source development kit that anyone can get their hands on, a demo of Mega R-Type is available right now if you want to test it out and see why R-Type is a classic game.

You’ll need an Everdrive cartridge or you can run it on an emulator.

But before that you probably want to see Mega R-Type in action, well here you go!

The Megadrive/Genesis future is looking rosy with a huge amount of games coming out for the 16-Bit console and includes shoot ’em ups like Earthion and ZPF among many and we’ll do our best to cover them all.

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