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The Best Neo Geo Shmups; 7 Games To Play

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The Neo Geo, a home and arcade gaming system released by SNK in 1990, is renowned for its exceptional library of games that spanned various genres.

One genre in which the Neo Geo truly excelled and left an indelible mark was the shoot ’em up (Shmup) genre. In this article, we’ll delve into the Neo Geo’s impact on the Shmup genre and how it became a haven for fans of intense bullet hell experiences.

The Neo Geo Console and the Shmup Genre

Neo Geo: A Console Like No Other (1990) When the Neo Geo was introduced, it was unlike any other gaming console. Its powerful hardware allowed for arcade-quality graphics and gameplay experiences, and SNK showcased the system’s capabilities through its games.

Shmups on the Neo Geo

The Neo Geo was a perfect platform for the Shmup genre, known for its fast-paced, bullet-dodging action, colourful graphics, sprite scaling, rotation and vibrant sample and FM soundtracks, the Neo Geo offered a home experience that was arcade perfect, making it an attractive choice for fans of the genre.

With this in mind Retroheadz delves through the Neo Geo’s library of the fun, toughest and best Neo Geo Shmups out there.

Alpha Mission II (1991)

Alpha Mission 2 Neo Geo Shmup

Alpha Mission II was one of the earliest Shmup’s for the Neo Geo and a sequel to Alpha Mission on the NES. It combined traditional vertical shooting mechanics with a unique power-up system that allowed players to customize their ship’s weaponry. This innovative approach set the stage for future Neo Geo Shmup’s.

Aero Fighters (1994)

aero fighters 2 neo geo

Aero Fighters (also known as Sonic Wings) a vertical Shmup that featured an assortment of pilots and aircraft, each with its unique playstyle. The game’s humour and memorable characters added a layer of charm to the intense action, making it a fan favourite.

Blazing Star (1998)

Blazing Star Neo Geo

Blazing Star is often regarded as one of the Neo Geo’s standout Shmups. It featured colourful, detailed visuals and intricate bullet patterns that challenged even the most skilled players. The game’s meticulous design and balance contributed to its enduring popularity.

Strikers 1945 Plus (1999)

strikers 1945 plus neo geo

This vertical shooter loosely based on WW2 is a sight to behold, it came out late in the systems life and saw a release on the Dreamcast as well. Huge bosses, decent power up and a challenging difficulty curve makes this one for hardcore Shmup fans.

Viewpoint (1992)

viewpoint neo geo

Taking the Shmup genre to a pre-rendered looking isometric perspective made this game stand out from the crowd. The £220 price tag in 1992 also added to the WOW factor. Viewpoint has some incredible boss stages and the bullets are relentless throughout. You will die a lot in this game and only the most nimble fingers can make it to the end.

Last Resort (1992)

last resort neo tokyo

Last Resort was another early example of a bullet hell shooter on the Neo Geo. It presented players with a relentless onslaught of bullets, creating an intense and challenging experience. The game’s dark and atmospheric visuals and fitting music added to its appeal as one that still gets talked about today. It’s tough as nails, you have been warned!

Pulstar (1995)

pulstar neo geo shoot em up

Pulstar is often regarded as one of the pioneering titles in the bullet hell subgenre. It featured dense and intricate bullet patterns that demanded precise manoeuvring. Pulstar set a new standard for Shmups, pushing players to their limits.

Neo Geo’s Impact on Shmup Culture

Arcade Authenticity at Home: One of the Neo Geo’s greatest strengths was its ability to replicate the arcade experience in the comfort of players’ homes.

Shoot ’em up enthusiasts no longer needed to spend money at arcades; they could enjoy the same intensity and challenge on their Neo Geo consoles after they spent out on the game that is.

Influence on Future Shmup Titles: The Neo Geo’s Shmup library whilst not as large as other consoles had a lasting impact on the genre, the prices commanded for many of these titles suggests that there is a lot of demand for these titles that have in the main aged well and offer a no hold bars arcade experience that is tough to master.

Collectors Delight

Today, Neo Geo games, especially Shmups, are highly sought after by collectors. The rarity and quality of these titles have contributed to their enduring appeal, and retro gaming enthusiasts continue to hunt for original cartridges and consoles. Fair warning though, it will be a very expensive to get them all.

Retro game prices have reached stratospheric prices in recent years and the Neo Geo’s library is right up there at the very top of the rarity charts and the prices for complete games is massive.

Neo Geo Emulation and Modern Platforms

The advent of emulators and digital distribution on modern platforms has made Neo Geo Shmups more accessible than ever. Players can experience these classics on modern systems, ensuring that their impact continues to be felt by new generations of gamers.

The Neo Geo’s impact on the Shmup genre cannot be overstated. Its powerful hardware, innovative game design, and dedication to arcade authenticity made it a haven for fans of intense bullet hell experiences.

The legacy of Neo Geo Shmups lives on, not only in the hearts of retro gaming enthusiasts but also we would imagine in the design philosophy of modern Shmup titles that continue to challenge and thrill players with their mesmerising and intricate bullet patterns and adrenaline-pumping action that will bring both joy and frustration to many for years to come.

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