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New Neo Geo Game ‘Final Vendetta’ Available for Pre-Order

The Neo Geo has a new game coming to the now 33 year old home arcade system.

Final Vendetta from British based Bitmap Bureau came on current gen systems around a year ago and the developers who’s last game on the Neo Geo, Xeno Crisis was covered here, have announced that the side scrolling beat ’em up which pays homage to classics like Double Dragon and Streets of Rage is now being ported over to the titan 16-Bit console.

If you haven’t seen the game in action check it out below.

How Much is Final Vendetta On The Neo Geo?

Being a specialist indy game maker they seem to have a few options for die-hard Neo Geo collectors including a limited edition AES version which is up for pre-order for the princely sum of £574.80 but it does come with tons of extras including a CD soundtrack, an A4 sized artbook, posters and even a beer mat! A standard AES version will set you back £394.80 and you can even choose between UK/US and Japan artwork for the box.

Some may balk at the price especially as Final Vendetta is available on most current gen systems for a fraction of this but this is the at one time most expensive console ever and Neo Geo collectors will probably snap these up.

Megs Matter, They Really Do!

On top of the high price Final Vendetta comes with an insanely high Meg count. 1346 Megabits to be precise. This size of cartridge would have been unheard of in the Neo Geo 90’s heyday and here we are in 2023 with what is possibly the biggest Neo Geo game ever made.

When is Final Vendetta Out On The Neo Geo?

According to their website, Final Vendetta is set to be out in Q3 2023 or Q1 2024. If you can’t wait to play it then its already available on most current consoles like the Nintendo Switch.

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