earthion new megadrive game from yuzo koshiro (1)

New Megadrive Shmup ‘Earthion’ From Yuzo Koshiro Coming In 2024

Yuzo Koshiro, the legendary music maker of the Streets of Rage series is returning to his Megadrive roots with a brand new shoot ’em up called Earthion.

The game is a fast paced side scrolling shooter that pits you against a plethora of alien baddies akin to classics like Thunderforce 4 and Hellfire.

The game looks stunning and naturally features a soundtrack by the Yuzo Koshiro himself.

Now what makes this game different compared to other new Megadrive games coming out is that it is made by a developer who made games for the system in its heyday and the games that he made are regarded as classics that still hold up today!

There is no news yet of an official release date apart from it being in 2024 or whether there will be a physical copy produced, we can only hope though for now check out the gameplay footage shown at the Tokyo Game Show and see Earthion by Yuzo Koshiro and Ancient Corp. for yourself.

With Earthion and ZPF coming out on the Megadrive could this be the start of a resurgence for the shoot ’em up genre. Time will tell.

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