hands in the air at 1990 rave with lasers

11 Rave & Dance Tracks From 1990 That Kicked Off An Epic Decade

Together – Hardcore Uproar

Hardcore Uproar came out in the summer of 1990 and got as high as 12 in the UK charts.

With it’s harder sound, epic piano breakdown and catchy beeping riff along with samples from Star Wars.

Nexus 21 – Self Hypnosis

You’d be right to think that the main riff sounds very familiar, like Altern-8 familiar. Well, the reason being is that Nexus 21 is Altern-8 before Altern-8 were Altern-8 who then did another version of this track in 1992 called Hypnotic ST-8.

Nonetheless this is a stunning techno track that glides along in an almost hypnotic way.

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