hands in the air at 1990 rave with lasers

11 Rave & Dance Tracks From 1990 That Kicked Off An Epic Decade

Tricky Disco – Tricky Disco

Another Techno classic that is rough and tough. Tricky Disco had bleeps, bass and attitude that you’d think was actually made by the Smash Potato robots that feature heavily in the music video. Whoo! Yeah!

The KLF – What Time Is Love

The KLF’s stadium techno track is epic in every way and originally released in 1988. Although its the updated 1990 release that grabbed everyone’s attention.

A fantastic music video accompanied this classic that stands out and grabs your attention and that it did as it was just the start of the band’s meteoric rise which started back in the 80’s when they were known as The Timelords.

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