hands in the air at 1990 rave with lasers

11 Rave & Dance Tracks From 1990 That Kicked Off An Epic Decade

G.T.O – Pure

G.T.O stands for Greater Than One and they went on to make Tricky Disco which was featured earlier on in this article as well as becoming Technohead a few years later with the hit record, I Want to be a Hippy.

The track has a Goa influence with mystical chanting and a driving bass line throughout.

Guru Josh – Infinity

1990’s! Time for Guru!

Infinity is a epic track that’s been remixed countless times from Happy Hardcore to EDM.

However back in 1990 it was a track that said ‘Hey! this is the 90’s and it has now begun!’

With its euphoric and energetic Saxophone blaring throughout and its piano section grabbing your attention it stands out as a classic 1990 track.

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