hands in the air at 1990 rave with lasers

11 Rave & Dance Tracks From 1990 That Kicked Off An Epic Decade

1990, what a year to be alive! The year of Italia ’90 and some of the best dance music ever made!

Underground raves were happening up and down the land and with it a huge change in music was happening across the board.

1990 Dance Music

Luckily, for those to young to hit the warehouses and fields, stuff started coming out in the charts that made sure the new sound was booming out of of bedrooms and cars back in the day kickstarted the decade that gave us Techno, Hardcore, Jungle and a squillion more sub genres of dance music.

Retroheadz goes back to this pivotal year in music and selects 11 tracks to get you started on your own nostalgia filled journey of the year that ushered in one of the best decades of dance music ever.

The future had arrived in 1990 and with it we never looked back.


This warehouse classic is deep, dark and futuristic. You can just imagine the strobes and lasers hammering it out to this awesome track and that sub bass, whoa!

Joey Beltram – Energy Flash

Another dark and broody track from New York producer Joey Beltram. Energy flash has a hypnotic bassline and (at the time) very naughty samples of ‘Ecstasy’ throughout.

Regardless, its an absolute classic techno track that your ears will love to hear daily.

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