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14 Iconic Puppet Stars from the Past: A Nostalgic Look Back at Our Childhoods


What do you do if a small, furry alien crash lands in your garage?  You take him in of course and let him become part of your family. Alien Life Form or Alf as he is better known as ends up living with the Tanners. He is an arrogant, burping, cat eating alien who soon learns what it is like to live on Earth. Luckily you might see ALF again on your screens if your a fan because a new series featuring the cheeky Alien might be in the works!

classic tv alf

Zig and Zag

These extraterrestrial twins Zig and Zag bought some humour to the 90’s breakfast show The Big Breakfast but actually first made an appearance on RTE’s Dempsey’s Den in 1987 over in Ireland. The twins would cause morning mayhem interviewing celebs in the bathroom during their stint ‘The Crunch’. One person that the twins got to interview back in 1998 was the newly elected American President Donald Trump.

Classic tv zig and zag

Spitting Image

Spitting Image was on a Sunday night at 10pm back in the 80’s once us kids had gone to bed. No celebrity or politician was safe from the team at Spitting Image. This series was based on the current weeks news stories and puppets were created to imitate the likes of The Royal Family, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Regan and even the Pope could find themselves up for a painful ribbing.

classic tv spitting image

Which show did you love watching? Let us know in the comments below!

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