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14 Iconic Puppet Stars from the Past: A Nostalgic Look Back at Our Childhoods

Gordon the Gopher

The Broom Cupboard was the home of a number of puppets we should all remember and who can forget a young Philip Schofield with his furry friend Gordon the Gopher. Wearing his famous leather jacket, which was in fact a gift from 80’s popstar Adam Ant.

The squeaking gopher had a successful run, after his time in the Broom Cupboard in joined Phillip on the Saturday Morning show Going Live.

However it was a sad tale for the animal when Phil left the programme and according to a later interview with the now This Morning presenter, the poor Gopher ended up in rehab.

classic tv gordon the gopher

Edd the Duck

Another resident of the Broom Cupboard and taking over from Gordon the Gopher was the green haired Edd the Duck alongside, Andy Crane and Andi Peters.

classic tv edd the duck

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