gladiators classic 90s tv show is coming back to BBC One

Gladiators: The Saturday Night TV Favourite Returns

Gladiators the long running Saturday night TV favourite of the 90′s is coming back to screens in the UK.

The show which featured contestants going up against the shows body builder ‘Gladiators’ was a huge hit and ran from 1992 until 2000 and was a must watch show for families across the UK.

The new reimagined show will be on BBC One and right now they are hunting for anyone who thinks they’ve got what it takes to be the next contestant then they are looking for them now.

Old Dog New Tricks?

The new series of Gladiators will hopefully see the return of some of the classic challenges such as Duel and the Travelator.

This is along with a load of new challenges that test the contestants speed and strength to the maximum and puts them against the ‘Gladiators’ who will most likely be the heroes for your kids and the 90s one may have been for you.

Each episode back then had a finale called the Eliminator with the contestant who has the most points accrued getting a head start on the assault course, it will be awesome to see what the new version of this or whatever it might now be called will be like.

If you do enter to become a new contestant then good luck (go get ’em tiger!), we’ll see you on there, as spectators via our sofa’s because we’re way too old and also like cake too much (really, really!) to be considered.

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