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14 Iconic Puppet Stars from the Past: A Nostalgic Look Back at Our Childhoods

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The Muppets

Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear and Gonzo are just some of the names of Jim Henson’s well known Muppets. The all singing and dancing puppets have been on our televisions since 1955, that’s a mega 61 years and they are still going strong now. With a number of Muppet shows, guest appearances and movies under their belts, we think the Muppets will be around for a good many years to come!

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Spit the Dog

Spit the Dog was the canine puppet of Bob Carolgees. Spit was made famous on kids TV show Tiswas. Spit was not really the kind of dog you would want for a pet, a mute spitting dog, covered in fleas…Nice!

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Roland Rat

So long before Good Morning Britain and GMTV, the early morning ITV show was called TV-am and this was where viewers first got to meet the talking rat. Roland Rat was then the star of the Spectacular Shedvision Show which was set in a shed on the roof of the TV-am studios. Rat fans went crazy for the rodent which then saw him getting his own show on the BBC. The Roland Rat show was a chat show set in Roland’s sewer home.

classic tv roland the rat


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