twister movie oil refinery scene

Twisters Trailer Touches Down And It Looks Like A Wild Ride

In the mid 90s disaster movies were everywhere and one that really captured moviegoers imaginations was Twister starring the Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt back in 1996.

Twisters is here to carry on that legacy and by the looks of things it will take the Tornado based destruction up a big twisting notch.

The new movie’s second trailer has just touched down and it shows off a lot more of what’s to come ahead of its July 2024 release.

Twisters follows an ex tornado chaser (Edgar Jones) who gave it up due to watching a friend die during a storm to study weather patterns in New York who is asked to go back to the field and is placed with a gung-ho crew of social media tornado chasing celebrity scientists headed by Tyler Owens (played by Glen Powell) who take crazy risks to get the data and the footage they need.

Naturally being a blockbuster it has plenty of thrills throughout with giant tornados touching down in the most explosive places such as an oil refinery which we only get a glimpse of in the trailer but is certain to be one of the centrepieces of the movie’s action scenes.

Is Twisters a remake?

Hopefully its not just a direct remake although there does seem to be a few similarities to the Bill Paxton original, that’s not a bad thing though.

Could this be a good thing with todays special FX upping the ante? Maybe, although in fairness the 1996 original still holds up well today.

Either way, we got a new tornado based action movie coming and if you were a fan of the original it might just be worth a watch on the silver screen.

We just hope its just a direct remake with a few things moved about because frankly, they are getting boring and they never match the originals impact.

Here’s hoping that Twisters adds plenty of new stuff to the plot. However, we’ll happily see some flying cows again.

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