Hulk Hogan in mr nanny movie

10 Classic 90’s Movies That Starred Professional Wrestlers

Suburban Commando (1991)

Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan stars as a warrior from space who is forced to land on Earth when his ship is damaged.

He rents a room with a family in suburbia and then teams up with the dad, played by Christopher Lloyd, to fight bounty hunters.

If you were a kid at the time then this movie was a big deal.

Was it good? Well, not really but it had Hogan playing a butt-kicking intergalactic warrior so who cares.

As if that wasn’t enough it even starred The Undertaker who only had one line as he plays a silent character.

When he does speak however it is with a child’s voice, hilarious.

Man On The Moon (1999)

Jerry Lawler in Man on the Moon

Man On The Moon was an incredibly ambitious and heartfelt project.

Jim Carrey takes the lead role as comedy legend Andy Kaufman and puts in the performance of a lifetime.

Of course one of Andy Kaufman’s most famous bits was when he took on Jerry “The King” Lawler and challenged him to a wrestling match.

The King took great offense to his actions and with a severe loss of a sense of humour a genuine feud started between them.

This whole episode is detailed and rather than getting actors in they got Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross to play themselves.

Man On The Moon also starred GLOW legend Mando Guerrero and former WWF Women’s Champion Stacey “The Kat” Carter.

So, that concludes our look at some classic 90’s movies that starred wrestlers, which are your favourites and have we left any out?

Why not let us know in the comments and get involved.

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